We enable cities to go
zero waste...

We combine the connected products economy
with the circular economy.

We provide smart reusable packaging systems that replace problematic single use packaging.
We make returning these products simple, convenient and digitally enabled.

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by Circular City

ch00ze.club is a technology platform that enables brands and businesses to offer zero waste solutions to customers and employees.

ch00ze.club makes lending reusable tablewares easy and convenient, with no need to collect deposits, or worry about lost inventory.

A packaging agnostic platform, ch00ze.club allows brands to be in control of their branding, their choice of tablewares and their own operations.

ch00ze.club currently serves over 40+ Food & Beverage outlets across Hong Kong.

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ch00ze Events

by Circular City

Hong Kong's first digitally tracked tableware rental service.

Show your guests and sponsors that your environmental efforts for ditching disposables are rock solid, with ch00ze Events!

ch00ze Events provides tablewares rental, real time tracking & reporting, and washing & logistics.

Previous events include Chinachem Sustainability conference '22, Swedish Consulate/EU Coffee Tasting workshop & Rethink sustainability expo.

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An image of ch00ze event beer cups to replace disposable cups with returnable, digitally tracked cups

Traceable and transparent

We believe that change will only happen if we can measure the results.
Through item level tracking, we can follow each item through every touchpoint to provide traceability and transparency to the world of reuse & return, whether you're an individual or an organisation that wants to track your impact.
No more paying for "wish-cycling".
No more paying for false claims.

We give you reliable, transparent tracking and insights in real time.

Impact dashboards displaying reuse & return ESG data for Circular City/ch00ze.club zero waste systems
A happy CHOOSE:REUSE customer borrowing a reusable coffee cup ib Hong Kong.  ch00ze

Our journey

...and learned experience!

2023 - Expanding partnerships with purpose driven brands and businesses
2022, Nov - Scaled ch00ze network to 40+ outlets across Hong Kong
2022, Oct - Accepted into Cyberport Incubation Programme
2022, July - Launched ch00ze.club community network with 6 coffee shops & 1 NGO partner.
2021, Nov - Innovation award winner from Food Made Good HK awards ceremony.
2021, Nov - Innovation award winner from City I&T Grand Challenge.
2021, July - Launched CHOOSE: REUSE proof of concept pilot, funded by Cyberport.

Benefits of reuse & return in your business

+Save money
+Reduce waste
+Reduce scope 3 emissions
+Engage employees/tenants/customers with green initiatives
+Increase sales
+Increase customer loyalty
+Improve brand reputation

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A customer using ch00ze app to borrow a reusable coffee cup in Hong Kong.

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