We enable cities to go
zero waste...

...with ch00ze.club!

A customer using ch00ze app to borrow a reusable coffee cup in Hong Kong.

Step 1

Show your ch00ze ID at any ch00ze partner outlet.

A handsome man enjoying his morning coffee with a ch00ze reusable coffee cup in Hong Kong.

Step 2

Enjoy your takeout experience with our ch00ze cup.

Impact displayed after a customer returns their ch00ze coffee cup in Hong Kong.

Step 3

Return your ch00ze cup at any ch00ze outlet and see your impact grow!

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There's a better way than throwaway

We need to move away from a linear economy of:

to a circular economy that:
-Designs out waste and pollution
-Keeps products and materials in use
-Regenerates natural systems

A happy CHOOSE:REUSE customer borrowing a reusable coffee cup ib Hong Kong.  ch00ze

CHOOSE: REUSE v1.0 proof of concept pilot @Uncle Russ coffee/Pier Bar,
Discovery Bay to Central ferry piers, July 2021

We combine the connected products economy
with the circular economy.

We provide smart reusable packaging replacing problematic single use packaging.
We make returning these products simple, convenient and digitally enabled.

See your impact in real time

Impact must be measurable.
We bring you insights on every circulation of product and
packaging, and we relate it to your company or individual sustainability focussed goals.

A data dashboard showing a management overview for smart return stations in Circular City's ch00ze network.
For business/company
A phone screen showing an individual user's impact when they use ch00ze.club's reusable coffee cup app.
For individual

Our return network is beneficial to the
following sectors:

Property & Retail

-Eliminate waste
(rather than hope it gets recycled!)
- Engage your tenants, customers and employees through measurable data.

Hospitality & F&B

-Save on packaging costs
- Provide your customers with a new choice to eat/drink zero waste.


-Eliminate unsightly waste
-Reduce landfills and associated CO2 hauling emissions.
- Create green jobs

Benefits of joining the return network

Reduce waste

Reduce CO2 emissions

Save money

Create green jobs

Healthier environments

Real time impact data

Join us in building Asia's first zero waste city....

Property & Company

- Host a return point and attract/engage your tenants, customers and employees.

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-Join our ch00ze.club partner network!
- Host a return point

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-Eat & Drink zero waste!
-No cost to use!
- See your impact

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